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WSU Football Wisdom Of Crowds: Jeff Tuel's Touchdowns

The concept behind the wisdom of crowds is that the aggregation of information in groups can often result in more accurate decisions than those made by individuals. We're not making any decisions, but what I am interested in is predictions.

First up: Jeff Tuel's touchdown passes.

As a freshman, Tuel threw six touchdown passes in 121 attempts -- or one every 20.2 passes. As a sophomore, Tuel threw 18 in 366 attempts for a nearly identical rate of one every 20.3 passes.

I would assume that most of us believe Tuel will improve on his numbers, given Kristoff Williams and Dominique Williams being added to an already talented group that is led by Marquess Wilson and Jared Karstetter. But to what degree will Tuel improve? This is where you come in.

Take a look at the poll below and leave your vote for how many touchdown passes you think Tuel will throw. We'll try to remember to come back to the numbers after the season.