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Here's What You Missed In The First Cougar Sports Weekly

More than 200 subscribers woke up yesterday to the first Cougar Sports Weekly in their inbox. If you weren't one of them, here's an excerpt of what you missed:

Of course six wins is possible. I'm just not sure it's entirely realistic, especially as a measure of whether the season was a success. Given just how low the bottom was for this program and the schedule WSU faces, I'd personally count five wins a healthy amount of growth and a success, assuming that the annihilations of the past remain a thing of the past. Anything at six or above would be a smashing success in my book. 

Now, whether five wins should save Paul Wulff's job is an entirely different question, one I think we as fans would be wise to separate from our evaluation. I think it's possible for this team to have a successful season and the school's administration to determine that someone else needs to lead the program going forward, and I think we would be wise to make that distinction.

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