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2011 WSU Position Previews: Special Teams Lack Awesomeness

I told myself I wasn't going to cry. I said I owed it to Reid to get through this without getting emotional. I lied.

You just don't replace Reid Forrest. I could write 2,000 words detailing how awesome Forrest was or I could just post Craig's graph and move on. He's no Kirt, but this graph about sums it up.


If having the leader in awesomeness wasn't enough, the 2010 special teams also featured a trick shotting, video making, long snapping phenomenon.

2010 Depth Chart

P: Reid Forrest (RsSR), Dan Wagner (RsJR)

K: Nico Grasu (SR), Andrew Furney (FR)

LS: Zach Enyeart (RsSR), Alex Reitnouer (SO)

PR: Nolan Washington (RsFR), Rickey Galvin (FR)

KR: Isiah Barton (RsJR), James Montgomery (RsSR)

2011 Depth Chart

P: Dan Wagner (RsSR), Alex Gauper (RsJR)

K: Andrew Furney (SO), Alex Gauper (RsJR)

LS: Zach Koepp (RsJR), Alex Den Bleyker (FR)

PR: Leon Brooks (SO)

KR: Isiah Barton (RsSR), Marcus Mason (FR)

You have some big shoes to fill Dan Wagner. Good luck.