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WSU Football Recruiting: Sam Flor, OT From Seattle, Becomes 13th Commit

Over the last month, I have contributed very little in the way of content on CougCenter. Our last commit (before this flurry of three) was BJ Salmonson, who looks to be ok, but underwhelmed me overall. I felt like I wasn't pulling my weight around here, and was trying to come up with some weekly feature to post in hopes you would all realize I was not, in fact, dead.

Turns out, I just need to go on vacation more often.

As Mrs. Kyle and I began to get settled into our hotel room in Gainseville, I feverishly typed out a profile of Denzell Dotson. I really like his aggressiveness and mean streak. After I posted, I get an e-mail from the guys telling me according to, O'Dea OT Sam Flor also verbally commits to the Washington State Cougar football team. Two days later, WE GET ANOTHER OFFENSIVE LINEMAN TO COMMIT. That makes four offensive linemen in a row for Paul Wulff, with roughly four spots left.

Today's post will focus on Sam Flor.

One thing I really like about Flor is his ability to finish plays. A lot of times, you'll see an offensive lineman push his guy around, and then quit once they're both out of the play. Flor doesn't do that. Almost every guy who lines up opposite Flor gets pancaked with authority. There were more than a few big runs broken off by the ball carrier because of a huge block Flor was responsible for.

He played both guard and tackle, and although he mainly played on the right side, has the ability to slide over and play on the left side if needed. He has great size (6'4, 285) and should bulk up to around 300 with off-season conditioning. I think Dotson will wind up with more press because of his "I-want-to-rip-your-face-off" attitude, but Flor is no slouch. I saw a few times where he got a little too tall (and still out-muscled his man), so you'd like to see him get lower, but overall, I'm pretty impressed. Very solid player who also carries a 3.9 GPA, and is a member of the National Honor Society. We won't be on pins and needles waiting to see if Flor qualifies academically.

If I was skeptical and a bit underwhelmed with Salmonson, I'm ecstatic with Dotson and Flor. Dotson is the mauler you want on the left side, and Flor is the fundamentally sound, solid guy you want on the right side. Another fantastic pick-up by Wulff.


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