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What You Missed In This Week's Cougar Sports Weekly

Didn't get this week's Cougar Sports Weekly because you're not yet one of the 400+ subscribers? Here's an excerpt of the original content you missed that you won't find anywhere else:

You know I'm not a huge fan of results-based analysis. I'm much more interested in the process -- both because I feel it has better predictive value and because it's just sort of in my nature as a teacher. I wasn't a big fan of the process against Oregon State. We won that game because Jeff Tuel was Superman.

But in watching these first two games -- seeing the first in its entirety and a plethora of highlights from the second -- the process the Cougs have used to arrive at their results have me as excited as anything. They didn't just overwhelm their opponents with better athletes. This year, they are executing to near perfection with a backup quarterback. Beyond that, the coaching staff has been able to treat these two games like preseason.

Yes, I think it's time to re-evaluate expectations.

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