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A Sneak Peek At The Cougar Sports Weekly Pac-12 Weekend Preview

In addition to the regular Cougar Sports Weekly that hits email inboxes Monday morning, I send out a Pac-12 weekend preview each Friday (or earlier if there's a Thursday game). Here's a sneak peek at this week's edition, which subscribers will receive tomorrow morning:

It's really hard to overstate the importance of this game for the WSU program and Paul Wulff. Obliterating two creampuffs is awesome -- and nothing to sneeze at, as I wrote about on Monday. However, this is roundly recognized as a quality opponent among those who follow college football closely, and it'll be televised, so a good showing here would go a long way toward convincing people WSU is for real. west coast recruiting guru Brandon Huffman told me the first two wins haven't hurt, but a win in San Diego could really go a long way with Southern California recruits.

My thoughts on the rest of the Pac-12 games are in there, too. If you're not yet one of the more than 400 who receive my mailings, you can subscribe here and you'll get this tomorrow.