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WSU Vs. SDSU: Would You Have Felt Different If The Loss Was Close?

I've been intrigued by the reaction of the WSU fanbase to the loss to SDSU on a number of levels. One was the social network meltdown I witnessed on Twitter and Facebook as the game was in progress and in the minutes and hours afterward, something I addressed in my weekly newsletter.

Another is that Sunday was our lowest traffic day here at CougCenter in weeks. I would think that a lot of fans would want to know exactly what happened from the mouths of the coaches and players, but I've been told that after such a loss, many prefer to just stay away for a time.

My big question is this: What caused this visceral response that seemed atypical of losses over the past couple of years?

Was it that the loss came on the heels of big wins, and therefore expectations? Was it that the game seemed to be in hand, only to turn into a blowout? Would it have been different if it had been a close loss? Or would that have been worse, given the "special teams play that shall not be named"? Or is it something else? Because this seemed different than what we've experienced in the past.