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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Trivia And Expansion Talk

My mother always told me the best way to get over a college football loss was by answering a trivia question. Okay, so she never actually said that, that would have been weird. Regardless, it's Monday and that means it's time for another CCMMTQ.

I was perusing some stats Sunday, when I found myself on Jeff Tuel's ESPN player profile page. Looking through his game logs, I noticed what seemed like an error. In 2010 Jeff Tuel rushed for only one touchdown? Ha! Way to go ESPN, more like the World Wide Leader in Errors, amirte? Then I checked the official stats and found out Tuel did indeed have one rushing touchdown in 2010. 

This leads us to today's trivia question. Who holds the single-season WSU record for the most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback and how many rushing touchdowns did he score?

Now onto the expansion news of the day. The ACC accepted Pittsburgh and Syracuse as new members Sunday, and there is speculation the Pac-12 could add Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Okhlahoma State as early as today. As we've seen in the past, the expansion landscape can change quickly ,so it's still premature to say anything is a done deal.

With that said, I'll say this. Depending on the revenue sharing, conference alignment, media rights and other issues, today (or whenever it happens) could either be one of the best days in Pac-8/10/12 history or it could blow serious chunks.

WSU football

Cougs will work on finishing - - Sept. 18, 2011
PULLMAN – Paul Wulff is certain of one thing his Washington State football team is going to work on during this upcoming bye week. Finishing games.

Cougs lose, worries mount - WSU Blog articles -
As the final minutes ticked away in San Diego and the Cougs faced their first loss of the season, a 42-24 late game meltdown to SDSU, a few things stood out: 1. Jeff Tuel needs to get healthy. Fast. 2. The defense couldn't wrap up last season. Against good competition, they still can't. 3. SDSU is a pretty good team, but in reality, there are only better than two or three Pac-12 teams. That last one makes me shudder, but we'll address these in order.

Jeff Tuel injury update

WSU QB Tuell making progress " Kitsap Sun
Washington State football coach Paul Wulff said Sunday's X-rays of Jeff Tuel's fractured left collar bone show the junior quarterback is making "very, very good" progress in healing.

WSU QB Tuel making progress, can throw this week | Seattle
Cougars quarterback Jeff Tuel had an x-ray on his broken collarbone today.  The exam went well. Tuel has been cleared to begin throwing this week.  Head coach Paul Wulff says it'll be another 3-4 weeks away before he'll play.  Best case scenario means either the Stanford or Oregon State game.

Expansion news

Texas to the Pac-12 Reportedly Gaining Steam - Burnt Orange Nation
A look at how the Texas Longhorns could end up in the Pac-16, a rumor gaining steam on Sunday with major conference realignment looking increasingly imminent.

BCS football: The ACC expands, is the Pac-12 next? (And how big could it get?) | College Hotline
Final thought, and this is just me thinking out loud (based on conversations with sources over the past 18 months): Would the Pac-12 expand beyond 16 teams?

Husky Football | Coming soon: The Pac-16? | Seattle Times Newspaper
Monday's the day that should clarify the immediate future of the Pac-12, as regents governing Oklahoma and Texas will meet to review options regarding conference membership.

Paul Wulff interview via WSU Athletics

Coach Wulff Interview 9-18 (via WSUCougarAthletics)


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