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Week 4 CougCenter BlogPoll Ballot: Flip-Flop At The Top

As I created my ballot last week, I decided to give LSU the nod as the top team in the nation because of their victory over Oregon in the season opener.  This week, Oklahoma one-upped the Tigers by going on the road and beating Florida State.  For that, they earn the top spot.

I tried not to punish FSU too much for their loss to the Sooners.  They didn't get run out of the building and they may end up giving OU their toughest test for several months.

Two teams that I did punish heavily were out of the Big Ten.  Ohio State went down to play the undead corpse of the Miami Hurricanes and failed to put the ball in the endzone. I was pretty uncomfortable with how highly I ranked them last week, and they decided to make me look like a fool this past weekend. Methinks the Buckeyes miss Terrelle Pryor just a little bit.  Michigan State also drops out for getting curb-stomped by Notre Dame. Apparently the Spartans didn't realize that losing to Notre Dame is longer the cool thing to do.

The bottom of my poll saw lots of movement. FIU earns a spot because, well, there are a whole lot of teams that are all the same right now and they have the longest name. So that's cool. South Florida moved up a bagillion spots because I didn't really pay that much attention to the bottom half of my week three bracket.

Full ballot after the jump. As always, feel free to tell me how dumb I am.