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WSU Football Recruiting: Pierson Villarrubia, OT From Louisiana, Becomes 16th Commit

I spent close to four hours at the public library today, escaping my recliner in hopes of actually getting some homework done for a change. As I was walking to the parking lot, I looked at my phone. The little envelope icon was showing, meaning I had an e-mail. So I threw my bag in the car and read the following:

" New Commit for Washington State"

Aww, dammit. I seriously couldn't have waited 10 more minutes to leave? Ugh. So while I may not always post immediately after CougFan breaks news of a new commit, like they did today with Louisiana OL Pierson Villarrubia, I know that we have a new commit. I received three text messages and a tweet about it. I would have posted this sooner, but I didn't feel like opening up the laptop when I only had two episodes left of the first season of Breaking Bad.

There's almost nothing to conclude from watching his tape. I've seen some really poor quality videos, but this one takes the cake. Not only is it out of focus, but it's also not zoomed in properly, leaving you with less than a second to see Villarrubia engage his man. While I certainly pride myself on being a good judge of talent, there's no way anyone can look at that video and think anything good or bad. At this point, we'll wait to evaluate him when better video becomes available.

Later on in the video, there are a handful of plays where it's close enough to see him pull on a sweep. He's pretty quick for a man his size, so that's something promising. Behind Scout's pay-wall, apparently he said he can dunk a basketball; at 6'5, 270 lbs, that's an impressive feat. However, using the "prototypical left tackle" cliche didn't quite sit well with me. According to all the hype and buzzwords we've heard from around the internet about the last six recruits we've received verbal commitments from, we now have six starting offensive lineman.

We do have a bit of good news, though: We do have a bit of good news, though.

I'm just gonna chalk this one up to a victory for Kyle and sane people everywhere. We win!

Villarrubia carries a very good GPA and is a member of the Honor Roll, so grades won't be an issue with him. His body can add 20 or so more pounds, which is ideal. All in all, I'm fine with this pick up as more big bodies definitely can't hurt, but man, six offensive linemen in a row? We only have about two spots left at this point, and I can't imagine us taking any more guys on that side of the line. Having an influx of High School linemen is fantastic and just what we needed, but in a smaller than normal class, this is probably the maximum amount of guys you want to get at that particular position.


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