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WSU Cougars Vs. Idaho State Bengals: Open Football Game Thread

Nine months of waiting. Nine months of anticipation. And finally -- FINALLY! -- the season opener is here.

We all know the storylines, so there's no need to rehash them here. If you don't know them, please feel free to explore any of the content above that you might have missed this week.

What I will do is spend a few moments reminding people how to make the Game Thread the most enjoyable experience possible for all of us. Here's how you can be a great commenter today, and for the rest of this season:

  1. Have fun. I know this has been something that has been difficult for most of the past three years, but it's a more enjoyable experience for all if you maintain this posture, even when stupid stuff happens.
    Remember that you are a guest. This post from last February says it all.
  2. Make intelligent observations. "That safety really has issues with biting on play fakes" is intelligent. "That guy sucks!" is not intelligent. Know the difference.
    However, feel free to celebrate or show your disgust at key moments with a single word or two. This is the exception to the "make intelligent observations" rule. Avoid swearing, except during really important plays. You'll know when those are.
    If you're funny, be funny. Entertainment is always appreciated.
    Limit the .gifs and pictures. Remember that people visit our game thread via mobile devices. Help them out. That said, if it's funny and/or appropriate, gif away.

That's about all I can think of. Remember, you can watch the game at for a subscription price, but you can get the first month free with the coupon code FREEMONTH10.