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Jeff Tuel Fractures Collarbone, Status For Season Unclear

Well, that was fun for about an hour.

Jeff Tuel, the quarterback on whom WSU's hopes and dreams rest this season, fractured his left collarbone in his one drive of play today against Idaho State. It's unknown how long he'll be out, but collarbone injuries typically don't heal very fast, and have to be solid before being exposed to contact again.

It's unclear exactly when the injury occurred, but it probably happened on the scramble on the one drive in which Tuel played. He remained in the game until the end of the drive before leaving the game for good, and if there's one ray of hope in all of this, it's that Tuel didn't immediately come out of the game. Perhaps it's a small fracture rather than a complete break, something we won't know until Paul Wulff talks after the game.

The incredible part of all this, of course, is that Tuel didn't even start the game after coming down with a stomach virus sometime in the last 24 hours. Marshall Lobbestael started the game and led two touchdown-scoring drives before Tuel made his appearance.

Now, the Cougars will have to hope that Lobbestael and/or Connor Halliday can hold down the fort until Tuel returns. But for a fan base that has had more than its share of bad news and bad luck over the past three years, this is the worst possible news that could have come today. Worse, even, than a loss would have been.