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WSU Vs. Idaho State: Cougars Win 64-21 But Lose Jeff Tuel To Injury

Jeff Tuel and his injured left shoulder will get a lot of attention, but it was far from the only story of the game. Brian will be along with a more in-depth recap, but until then here are a few bullet points from the game.

The Good

  • WSU scored 64 freaking points. Sure the competition level wasn't high, but 64 freaking points! Only Virginia Tech (66 points) scored more in the opening weekend. 
  • The offensive line got considerable push on running plays and rarely allowed quarterback pressure. They should have over powered the Idaho State defensive line, but good to see they took care of business. No snaps issues for the first time in forever.
  • Rickey Galvin looks as advertised. Fast and shifty with top notch acceleration.
  • The front seven on defense had their moments. They pressured the quarterback, didn't miss many tackles and Alex Hoffman-Ellis's pick six was a highlight of the first half
  • Andrew Furney, aka meatball, made all of his field goal attempts including one from 50+.
The Bad
  • See Tuel, Jeff
  • The secondary struggled for most of the game. Cornerbacks were beaten deep multiple times while safety Tyree Toomer was beat for a long completion and drew a pass interference penalty in the endzone.
  • As Craig said on Twitter, this felt like the worst 43-point win ever.