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What You Missed In This Week's Cougar Sports Weekly

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Given what we all saw out of Lobbestael the past two years, most of us assumed the worst when the news came that Tuel was going to miss a significant amount of time. But watching Lobbestael play yesterday has me believing that all is not lost. No, I'm not going to sit here and pretend that Lobbestael will be as good as Tuel. Jeff Tuel is a special player, and to expect Lobbestael to be that kind of quarterback just isn't realistic.

But Lobbestael showed yesterday that he's more ready to step in than any of us imagined. ... For the first time in two years, Marshall Lobbestael looked like he's fully recovered, both physically and mentally, from his knee injury. He looked like he's ready to quarterback a Pac-12 team. Because of that, I believe that if the offensive line can continue to protect Lobbestael to a reasonable degree, he can be an effective quarterback. He's going to need support in the way of a run game, as I still don't think you want to rely on him to wing it 35 times, but the ability to step in adequately is there.

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