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WSU Football Recruiting: Denzell Dotson, OL From Arizona, Becomes 12th Commit

BJ Salmonson was the last high school player to verbally commit to the Washington State Cougars' football team, and he went crimson roughly a month ago. So of course when I go on vacation to Florida, the Cougs and Paul Wulff pick up another commit as Mrs. Kyle and I leave for the airport. Since I'm writing this while Mrs. Kyle unpacks our suitcase and gets ready for the evening, it'll have to be a shorter post than normal.

According to, OL Denzell Dotson has gone crimson. (I hate you for using the "beef" reference yet again, CougFan.)

Video and analysis after the jump.

The first video shows he has good (but not great) technique. He is ridiculously strong, and often just flings his man off to the side with minimal effort. The second video shows his mean streak. I could watch the second video all day. I'm pretty sure he was talking smack to every defender he pancaked, and it was glorious.

At 6'3, 315, Dotson already has fantastic size (especially if he stays inside at guard). The one thing you worry about with a 17-year-old weighing 300+ pounds is his ability to keep it manageable. Often, high school guys will weigh in the 260 range and bulk up during a redshirt year. Dotson will probably stay at roughly the same weight as he loses the baby fat and gains muscle. However, that's really my only concern with him. If he can keep his weight in the range they want it in, he'll be a force in the coming years. I absolutely love this pick up.

Dotson was at the game this weekend on his official visit, and apparently saw enough to make him commit the next day (Sunday). If I had to guess, I'd say he took one look at all the yoga pants and thought, "Yep. I'm in."

With the addition of Dotson, we add someone who has a chance to start from Day 1. Hopefully he can redshirt (I'm always in favor of a redshirt for linemen), learn the playbook, and hit the weights. I wouldn't be shocked if we were talking about him as one of the best players in this class in a few years. Great under-the-radar get from Wulff.