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I'm hustling out the door to go stand in the sun at practice, but here's a quick roundup of the coverage from the weekend. In addition to quite a few posts on WSU, there's this one, recapping the Pac-12 weekend.

Because all of this took place over a sunny three-day weekend, I figured we'd put it all in one place. For your reading pleasure, here's an afternoon delight.


The quick good, bad and ugly after the game.

Jeff Tuel is broken; here's how it all happened

Notes, quotes and random observations on the win.

Marshall Lobbestael did an excellent job at quarterback, but wasn't a great offensive lineman.

Highlight videos are fun after big wins, so here's Saturday's.

Play Breakdowns

The offensive philosophy

The unbalanced line and blocking on Rickey Galvin's second touchdown.

Signs of life and change from Marshall Lobbestael.

The defense, the 30-stack and a new-found love of the blitz.

An animated drive chart, showing happy lines.