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Paul Wulff Says Jeff Tuel's Timetable Now 6 To 8 Weeks

WSU coach Paul Wulff spent some time addressing the local media today in his weekly teleconference, and he touched on a number of topics, ranging from his days at Eastern Washington facing off against Bobby Hauck -- then the coach at Montana and now the coach at WSU's next opponent, UNLV -- to the flu that has ravaged the team early this week. You can catch that in the video above. (Or if you've got something against moving pictures, you can read Vince Grippi's summary of the press conference here.)

One thing he didn't talk much about was Jeff Tuel, presumably because the local media already knows the deal. But he did talk about Tuel on the Pac-12 presser for media from around the conference, so here you go.

Wulff said the range for Tuel's injury is now six to eight weeks, which is interesting to me because nothing has changed since Saturday with the injury itself, when it was deemed a four- to six-week injury.

Time to panic?

Nope -- I think Wulff is simply trying to temper expectations for Tuel's return. There's still a chance he returns in four weeks (Tuel, of course, says he's a "fast healer"), but it seems to me that Wulff wants that to be a pleasant surprise, rather than what's expected.

I'll be over here hoping for four, expecting six and disappointed with eight.