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WSU Ends Up With Three Offensive Line Commits After Idaho State Win

Sun-drenched Saturdays at Martin Stadium are a powerful thing. So, apparently, is winning.

According to, WSU picked up its third commit in the wake of the victory of Idaho State today when Oceanside, Calif., offensive lineman Eduardo Middleton decided to go Crimson. This comes on the heels of O'Dea (Seattle) lineman Sam Flor committing to the Cougs on Monday and Glendale, Ariz., lineman Denzell Dotson committing to the Cougs on Sunday.

All three were in attendance at Saturday's game.

I've been a big Paul Wulff supporter over the last year, but one of my biggest complaints has been his staff's inability to recruit high school linemen. Wulff himself said early in his tenure that his goal would be to recruit linemen whom his staff could redshirt and develop, something that rang a little hollow this fall when the only offensive linemen who were inked last spring that actually made it to Pullman were three junior college transfers. After all, you would expect a former offensive lineman would specialize at identifying and recruiting line talent.

But with these three commitments, the total number of high school linemen in this class is now up to four, as they join B.J. Salmonson, who committed in early August. Early commits such as these typically aren't academic risks, but there's no way to know for sure.

This is a super encouraging sign from this coaching staff. If you're wondering where Kyle is with his full breakdowns of Middleton and Flor, he's on vacation in Florida with Mrs. Kyle and has been encouraged to relax and stay away from the computer. He'll give you the information you thirst for soon enough.


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