Favorite WSU Memory

A few months ago, I came up with an idea for a new CougCenter running series. Nuss and I discussed the details and we both liked the idea. Then, like any respectable CougCenter series, it was immediately cast off and ignored. That is until today.

This all started when I was stuck in a waiting room for a while with what turned out to be another WSU alum. We ended up trading stories from our time in Pullman and after I left, I thought how awesome would it be to do that more often. I thought about starting a FanPost where everyone told the story of their favorite WSU memory in the comments, but the idea of a thread of extremely long comments didn't seem too appealing.

So instead, I'm going to start a weekly series where each of your favorite WSU stories are told individually. I'll start the series by telling my favorite memory, then I'll blackmail the other authors into telling theirs by threatening to Photoshop their faces into uncomfortable pictures if they don't. From that point, it's all up to you. If five of you submit your story, this series will last a month. If 500 of you do, it could go on for years.

The memory doesn't have to be something outrageous, just any WSU related memory that really sticks out to you. Whether growing up, while you were in Pullman or since you graduated. Maybe Craig will tell us the story of the time he rushed the field, got knocked over by a Husky football player only to find and keep a random hat. A lot will be sports related, but they don't have to be, it can really be anything.

If you'd like to participate, email me your story then depending on the volume of responses I will probably post one a week. The rest of us will get to share in your experience and comment. Maybe you were right behind Craig when he found that hat, who knows what connections will turn up. Pictures are welcomed as well if you have them.

As far as guidelines, treat the story as you would a FanPost and if possible keep it to less than 1,000 words. When you email me, put "CougCenter" in the subject so I know you aren't a prince from Nigeria with an offer I can't refuse.

I know you all have a bunch of awesome stories and you need to stop being so selfish and share them with the rest of us.

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