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WSU Football Recruiting: Gabe Marks, WR From California, Becomes Newest Cougar Commit

Well that didn't take long. Coming off one of the most important recruiting weekends in the history of Washington State football, four star wide receiver Gabe Marks officially commits to the Cougs. Marks immediately becomes the best recruit in this class, and is one of the best recruits we've had in a while. I don't think Marks is the only player who will commit, either, so be on the lookout for a few more players pledging their allegiances to the Crimson and Grey.

Marks is the prototypical Mike Leach inside WR. He's smaller (5'11, 175), shifty, makes people miss, and has a good initial burst. Marks has speed, but he's more quick than fast. He's great at reading his blockers downfield, and he breaks more tackles than a guy his size has any business breaking. He'll beat corners one on one with his speed, but I don't think he's strictly a speed guy. He understands how to take a screen pass and makes four or five guys miss, and I have a feeling he'll be catching a ton of inside WR screens. He also has experience in gadget plays, making him roughly the 1,459th guy who has experience in doing so in this class. I can't wait for trick plays, y'all.

Marks loved his visit to the Palouse, and I'm more than confident he has the ear of a lot of the guys who tripped with him. This is the first domino to fall, but certainly not the last. Leach pretty much wants every WR in the world. (Also, sorry I'm not sorry, SMU.)

As far as a guess on pecking order of WRs, I'd say it's something like Marquess Wilson, Bobby Ratliff, Kristoff Williams, Marks, Rahmel Dockery, Domique Williams, Henry Eaddy, Isiah Myers, Alex Jackson, Gino Simone, Brett Bartolone, Dalen Jones, Tana Pritchard (if he sticks at WR), Bennett Bontemps, Blair Bomber. This is just me sort of spit balling, though, so don't take it as definitive. Spring ball changes a lot of things, too, and we'll see who has improved this summer. As for now? Be excited. Marks is a really good player.


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