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Mike Leach Hires New Attorney; Worlds Collide At WSU

Mike Leach's lead attorney in his case against Texas Tech stepped down a few weeks ago, leading many to believe the legal wrangling was winding down. In fact, the Texas Tech lawsuit may be coming to a close, but Leach still has a bone to pick with ESPN, Spaeth Communications and Craig James. So he went ahead and hired another lawyer.

The report comes from Kirk Bohls.

Washington State head football coach MIke Leach has retained Steve Heninger of Birmingham, Ala., as his lead attorney in his high-profile case against ESPN, former college football analyst Craig James and Texas Tech University after Leach was fired from the Lubbock school in 2009.

Birmingham, Ala. you say? I think I knew a football coach who headed that direction one time. Could it be?

Heninger, who represented and won a settlement for former Alabama head coach Mike Price in a case against Time Inc. over a Sports Illustrated article recounting a night of drinking at a topless bar in Florida in 2003...

Yes. Yes, it could be. Worlds just collided. Don't actually care too much about the cases themselves -- they'll be worked out eventually -- but this nugget was too good to pass up.