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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Trivia

It's an extremely light day on links, but that should change some this week with the possibility of an official schedule release and naming of a defensive coordinator. Until then, we have two trivia questions to start the week.

Thursday's loss to Oregon was not only frustrating, it also ended WSU's six game winning streak. What is the WSU record for longest winning streak in one season?

Against Oregon State, Reggie Moore dished out nine assists. While it was a season high for Moore, it was still shy of the Cougars single game record for assists. What is the single game record?

Both questions will be worth 10 points.

Blackie1829 - 77

Wazzu-Hondo - 70

BigWood - 55

SoCalCoug - 48

Coug999 - 43

Craig - 30

B-lot tailgater - 24

Neil Vincent Roberts - 24

Bearcat44 - 20

Nusser - 20

Cougdude50 - 15

LeaveItToWeaver - 15

Johnnycougar - 13

Tinit -10

Rancourt - 10

BleedCrimson - 10

WazzuCrew11 - 10

02Coug - 10

cfred - 10

wsubigdeal - 10

sdcoug09 - 5

Editorial: We hope we’re wrong about … And you? - - Jan. 1, 2012
We hope we are wrong that the lucrative Pac-12 TV deal and the hiring of Mike Leach as football coach at Washington State University signal a new era of "Just win, baby!" on the Palouse. The pressure to succeed keeps expanding. The facilities arms race seemingly never ends. We’d hate to think that the next bubble to burst is college athletics because it got too big to fail.

Looking back at 2011, ahead to 2012 -
Mike Leach: He’s baaaack and that’s good for all of us. The talk turns from lawsuits to alignments again for The Pirate who has been out of the game too long. Things are about to get real interesting in Pullman.

2011 regional sports: Roy left us cheering and crying | The Columbian
5 WSU football makes a change "In spending an unprecedented $2 million a year to hire Mike Leach, Washington State is sending a message to its Pac-12 rivals: You won’t have the Cougars to kick around much longer."