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WSU Football Recruiting: Another Big Weekend For Visiting Prospects

Last week we talked about one of the most important weekends in the history of Washington State Cougar football recruiting. While this weekend is seeing upwards of nine prospective recruits on their official visit, it's still not as big, in terms of sheer talent, as last weekend. There is a reason to be excited, though. If one of the players visiting were to somehow commit, he'd become one of the best players we've ever recruited.

Last weekend saw three recruits verbally commit, as expected. This weekend, however, I don't really expect any of them to commit right away (if at all). If last weekend served as a verification for players that were WSU leans, this weekend serves as a "this is why WSU is awesome" in order to move us up in the pecking order. So I urge all of you to temper expectations. If no one commits by Monday, not all is lost.

(Players already committed)

Feddie Davey, S, Miami, FL (2 stars)

Jacob Tuivauave, LB/DE, Tacoma, WA (2 stars)

Pierson Villarrubia, OT, Mandeville, LA (2 stars)

(Players not committed)

Stephen Buckley, CB, Forney, TX (NR)

Buckley doesn't have an offer yet (according to Scout), but gets invited for an official visit anyway. Buckley is an interesting player. He played QB in HS, but at 5'11, 171 lbs, he's being recruited as an ATH/CB. All the video of him is while playing QB, so we're kind of in the dark on this one. Just speculation, but since he doesn't have an offer yet, I think he might be a Plan B. No offense or anything.

Cedric Dozier, CB/WR, Lakewood, WA (4 stars)

If Gabe Marks was the main target last weekend, Dozier is it this weekend. No disrespect to Kenny Lawler, but if we were somehow able to land Dozier, I'd just stop recruiting altogether and consider my job done. At 5'11, 175 lbs, Dozier is a prototypical cover corner. You can leave him on an island, and he'll handle his business. Dozier is also a US Army All-American, and was (technically still is) verbally committed to Cal. After UW hired away Tosh Lupoi, Dozier opened up his recruitment and started taking more visits. I think we're a big longshot, but the fact that he is actually coming in for a visit makes me giggle like a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. I want it to be known that there's very little chance we actually sign him, so let's not all start puffing our chests out. UW looks to have a better shot, and there's a good possibility he stays with Cal. But can you imagine Montlake if Dozier de-commits from Cal after UW hired the guy who recruited him, and then came to Pullman instead? What a delicious bit of irony. Sark hired recruiting wunderkid Lupoi to help keep a fence around the state of Washington. And he picks WSU after being solidly committed to Cal? Softy's head might explode. Video Highlights.

Edit: After talking to a few people, it seems as if the only reason Dozier is even considering WSU is because he wants to play WR. I think he's a better CB than a WR (something I thought about Rahmel Dockery, too), but I'd rather get him than not. If he wants to play WR, let him play WR. That completely changes my evaluation, though. I think he can be a pretty good WR, but he's behind Lawler, Marks, and Lewis in this class. Better than Jackson, though. As a CB, he has a chance to play immediately. I think none of this really matters anyway. We're a pretty big longshot.

Kenny Lawler, WR, Upland, CA (4 stars)

Lawler is probably the most popular recruit amongst Cougar tweeters. I really like his skill set, and he's a bit bigger than the other guys we've been getting (6'3, 185). He's more of a Marquess Wilson than a Wes Welker. Personally, I think Lawler winds up at Oregon State. However, he had an in-home visit with Coach Leach and staff the other day and enjoyed it so much that he cancelled a visit to Oklahoma State in order to trip to Pullman. Lawler already said he's not announcing until Signing Day, but if he puts on a WSU cap on February 1st, I shall take many shots in his honor. Lawler is a burner that makes it look easy. He'd be an outside receiver, and I wouldn't be shocked to see three true freshman get major playing time in 2012 (if he commits). I love Dockery, and Mark loves Lewis, but if we get Lawler, it's game over. If not? He's going to destroy us for four years. Idea for new CougCenter header: ALL YOUR PANTS ARE BELONG TO KENNY LAWLER! Video Highlights.

Carlos Lozano, OT, East Los Angeles JC (2 stars)

Carlos Lozano is a gigantic human being. At 6'7 and 375 pounds, he might actually be too big. I worry that his weight limits him from a mobility standpoint. I think he gets good push, but he's 375 pounds playing JC football. He needs to get his weight down, but who knows? I'd rather take a shot on Goliath than David.

"One of the guys visiting this weekend is 6'7 and 375 pounds." - me

"I honestly don't even know how to compute that." - Mrs. Kyle

That pretty much says everything you need to say about Lozano. Video Highlights.

Alphonso Marsh, CB, Compton, CA (3 stars)

Marsh is another favorite of Cougar tweeps everywhere. At 6'2 and 175 lbs, he's rather large for a corner. I don't know if they're thinking about moving him to safety, but if he stays at corner, I'm cool with that. His backpedal is nice, and he needs to work a little on becoming more fluid in regards to his hips, but otherwise, I see a solid CB. I think if he puts on a little weight, he has a chance to be a special player at safety. Plus, I hate you, Tyree Toomer. Marsh is also considering Hawaii, Utah, and UW. Video Highlights.

Teko Powell, DT, Miami, FL (2 stars)

Powell is a teammate of Feddie Davey at Miami Norland, and they're coming together. Powell is a big kid (6'2, 290) and we need DTs in the worst way. Ok, maybe not in the worst way, but we aren't exactly deep at DT. I like Powell, and think he can be a good role player. Not every recruit needs to be the next big thing. If Breske plans on rotating a bunch of players in a bunch of different defensive schemes, Powell can come in for a series as a NT or in some crazy alignment, then be replaced by David Davis or Toni Pole. Also, his nickname is apparently "TKO". I know I said I hate the obsession with giving people nicknames, but that's a pretty awesome nickname. Powell excels at rushing the passer from the interior, and can be brought in as a situational pass rusher as well. Like this kid a lot. Not too flashy or anything, but a real solid player. Video Highlights.

So there you have it, folks. Three players already verbally committed visiting with six players the staff is hopeful of signing. If we somehow get Dozier, I will lose my mind. If we get Lawler, I will buy everyone a drink. If we get both? I might RUN to Pullman and kiss Mike Leach on the mouth. Seriously guys. In the span of less than two months, we went from guys who had no BCS offers to US Army All Americans coming in for an official visit?



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