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WSU Vs. Cal: Open Basketball Game Thread And Stream Info

Well, this worked last game, so let's try it again:

Well the weather outside is frightful and the basketball team has been less than delightful.

But since your sports pass pays to go, students show, students show, students show!

Playing zone shows no signs of stopping, but Beasley could still be hopping.

The attendance might be real low, students show, students show, students show!

You haven't left the house tonight, classes cancelled for the storm.

But down a sixer of Busch Light, and all the way there you'll be warm!*

Basketball may leave you crying, but tonight could be indemnifying.

So as long you love the Cougs so, students show, students show, students show!

*CougCenter only endorses the drinking of Busch Light between the ages of 21 and 23.

This game can be found via webcast for a fee from the athletic department website. There may be a place where it can be seen without paying 9.95, but you'll have to stay tuned in the comments for that.

For those who want to listen to the soothing sounds of Bud Nameck, go to

Join us in the game thread and discuss as the Cougs face TOTGA!