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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Trivia

It's Monday, so it must be time for a trivia question, but before we get to that I have another question. Can anyone stop Craig Powers? During the first 18 trivia posts, Craig picked up 30 total points. During the last three, he's racked up 25 points. He sat there all season long, chucking up wild answers and posting a miserable trivia rating and now he's switched his game up and none of you can stop him from getting to the rim. He totally Faisal Aden'd all of you.

Now, onto today's question where we see if anyone can slow this Powers freight train down. Reggie Moore currently leads the Pac-12 in assists per game. Since they began tracking assists in 1974, no WSU player has led the conference. Today's question is to name the last WSU player to lead the Pac-12 in the following categories.

Points per game?

Rebounds per game?

Blocks per game?

Steals per game?

Each correct answer will be worth five points.

Current MMTQ Standings

Blackie1829 - 87

Wazzu-Hondo - 70

SoCalCoug - 58

Craig - 55

BigWood - 55

Coug999 - 43

Nusser - 40

B-lot tailgater - 24

Neil Vincent Roberts - 24

WazzuCrew11 - 20

Bearcat44 - 20

Cougdude50 - 15

LeaveItToWeaver - 15

Johnnycougar - 13

Tinit -10

Rancourt - 10

BleedCrimson - 10

02Coug - 10

cfred - 10

wsubigdeal - 10

Shellin - 10

sdcoug09 - 10

College Sports | California edges WSU women in final minute | Seattle Times Newspaper
BERKELEY, Calif. — California secured second place in the Pac-12 by beating Washington State 60-55 on Sunday.

Weekly Watch: Week 7 - ESPN
Washington State: Who saw this coming? The rebuilding Cougars started Pac-12 Conference play 1-4, but then came home and swept the Bay Area schools (Stanford and Cal), both of whom have conference title aspirations. Faisal Aden was a beast off the bench for Wazzu.

Washington State Sacks Seattle
The Washington State swim team earned their second victory of the season when they defeated Seattle in a dual meet at the Connolly Center Pool, Saturday. In the 11 event meet, the Cougars claimed first place points in eight events, helping them to their 59-35 victory over the Redhawks.

Read this headline and tell me you don't think this is about Washington State. Damn you Winona State University.

Leaf wants WSU to build on leads