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WSU Football Recruiting: Ioane Gauta, JC DT From California, Becomes Newest Commit

Forgive the tardiness of this post, but I prefer to spread out these recruiting evaluations. Plus I was waiting for Nuss to post his Aden story. Yesterday, Cougfan reported that JC DT Ioane Gauta verbally committed to the Washington State Cougars.

Gauta is the big, run stuffing NT that is a prerequisite to running a 3-4. He'll have 3 to play 2, and I don't think there's any way he redshirts, simply from the "holy cow we have almost zero depth at DT" standpoint. He also held offers from Hawai'i, Iowa State, Kansas State, and Oregon State. I can't tell you how great it is to type that instead of "He also held offers from Sacramento State, Weber State, and Idaho".

This is the place I'd normally embed a YouTube clip of his highlights, but none are available. You can go here instead to see some poorly edited video. Tip to future highlight film makers: if you have an extremely wide shot and pan out, you can't really tell players apart. Get close, highlight the player with an arrow or an outline. Then throw some rap music in the background while transitioning from clip to clip.

Gauta is the big NT that you want in a 3-4, but I wouldn't count on this as being more than depth. I think we'll rotate DTs quite a bit, and the fact that he is decent at rushing the passer bodes well. Ultimately, I think Toni Pole will be the guy for a long time, with David Davis as the #2. The rest of the DTs on the roster will rotate in and out, keeping everyone fresh.

Not a bad signing, but we're quickly reaching my limit for JC guys. I don't expect Leach to sign any more kids from the JC ranks, but if he does, it won't be more than one or two. We're looking at a pretty full class as it is. Gauta's commitment makes it 22 total for the Class of 2012. Now, that's not a final number, obviously, and Leach can play around with greyshirts, but I wouldn't be expecting many more players after this.


In other recruiting news, Bellevue OL Jake Eldrenkamp has said he'll announce his college decision -- it's between UW and WSU -- tomorrow at 12:30pm on KJR with Softy. It doesn't take a genius to figure out this means he's 99% going to UW. Jake Worthen, a recruiting analyst for Scout, tweeted the following:

Softy himself also chimed in:

Consider me shocked. You mean the host of the show Eldrenkamp is going on is creating suspense by downplaying the UW inevitability in order to help increase the amount of listeners who tune in? NO WAY!

Look, I really like Eldrenkamp. I want Eldrenkamp. But I also realized he was pretty much UW's to lose from the get go. He grew up a Husky fan. His parents went to UW. UW's campus is about 15-20 minutes from his home in Bellevue.

By all accounts, Eldrenkamp is a good kid. I don't think he'd be doing this to troll UW and Softy. I realize people think he'd be legendary if he picked WSU tomorrow, but even if he did, it wouldn't be "legendary". He'd simply say "I'm going to WSU" or whatever. He wouldn't say "WSU! SCREW YOU SOFTY! LOLOLOL!", and as much as I hate Softy, he wouldn't goad the kid, either. Not with him in studio, anyway. I wouldn't put it past him to say Sark didn't want him anyways after he left, but I don't think he'll freak out on air with the kid in studio if he picks us.



There was also a report that Lakes CB/WR Cedric Dozier had eliminated WSU and chose to re-commit to Cal. Those reports are premature. Leach is visitng Dozier in his home tonight, and I don't understand how or why a potential recruit would announce he is staying at one school when his other top choice is visiting that evening. Now, it's not to say he's going to go crimson. I've said all along that Dozier was the longest of long shots. The fact that he's narrowed down his decision to two, and that we're included in that two, speaks volumes about Leach. We're also one of the only schools offering him as a WR. I still think he chooses Cal, but it's not a done deal.


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