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Thoughts On A Photo

Saturday produced what is, perhaps, the best photo you'll see from any Cougar sport this year. You've probably seen the photo by now, but have you really seen it? Have you looked past Ken Bone strutting and examined everything closely? That's why we're here: To analyze and open your mind.

This will be our starting point:



Notice where the two gentlemen circled in red are looking. Pac-12 refs: Always ready to tech those pesky bench celebrators. Also notice where the bench players feet are. They've learned.


This looks like DaVonte Lacy celebrating. But no, he's just getting back on defense. Sure, he's getting back on defense with a high-step, but sometimes a man has to high-step while he's handlin' his business.


I swear Curtis Allen used to be able to get up. Now? Barely can get over a dollar bill. Step your game up, CA.


Ugg boots, mesmerized by something shiny above. Deadly combination LOOK OUT THERE'S STRUTTING GOING ON IN FRONT OF YOU.


Found the fan not celebrating. The man behind this fan? Thrilled, hands up, in the celebration position. The fan circled in red? Stoic. Beasley is a bad sports town.


Someone has to keep the peace and keep calm. That someone is Tim Marrion, operations assistant extraordinaire. As everyone runs away from the bomb, Marrion is the guy calmly walking towards it to disable it. Tim Marrion is an American hero.


This just made me laugh for no reason. I'm assuming Jorge Gutierrez kept his hands up after defending the shot. And I'm assuming Reggie Moore has his hands up in celebration. But that, combined with what's going on in the background, makes for a funny contrast.


You're wondering what head coach Ken Bone is doing. It sure looks like a strut, perhaps with a ting of haters gonna hate. But no, friends: He's in mid-Bernie.



Sometimes a man has to Bernie.