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Kevin Calabro And Marques Johnson To Call WSU-Arizona

Most of you are of the right age and grew up in the right region to appreciate this news. For those that don't know why those people are so excited, Kevin Calabro and Marques Johnson were the broadcast team during the Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton glory years of the Seattle SuperSonics.

Just hearing those two names brings back fond memories (and thanks to all of this, some bitter ones as well). Calabro and Johnson were a perfect broadcast team. Both are a little crazy, and both do not hold back when it comes to a spectacular play. The chemistry between the two was fantastic, and was something that was noticeably missing with guys like Craig Ehlo after Johnson left for greener pastures.

Tonight, Cougar and Wildcat fans will have the treat of Calabro and Johnson paired up again. The two will be on the FSN national broadcast (and Root Sports NW) at 7:30pm Pacific Time. Hopefully, the commentary will provide some classic lines, like the approximately 156 awesome things that are said in this 37-second clip: