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The Decision: Cedric Dozier Edition

For the first time I can remember since Jonathan Stewart, WSU will be one of the hats on the podium as a top recruit makes his college decision. Cedric Dozier will be choosing between Cal and Washington State at a 2:30 p.m. press conference. We've talked a lot about Dozier recently, but if you aren't up to speed here are the important things to know.

  • Dozier is very good.
  • We want him.
  • Cal also wants him.

We will, of course, be streamin' and threadin' Dozier's press conference with live video of the event embedded below. Cal's recruiting class is getting picked apart, top piece by top piece. While I feel bad for our brethren at Califronia Golden Blogs, Dozier to WSU would be a huge pickup.