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WSU Vs. Utah: Cougs Find The Floor, Lose to Utes in Overtime, 62-60

Keeping this short, because it really should just be a bunch of curse words.

Washington State just lost to the team ranked #336 by That is out of 345 teams. Utah's previous game was a 73-33 loss to Colorado.

The Cougs came out sluggish in the first half and fell down 29-23. They played better in the second half and were able to build a six-point lead of their own before blowing it to Utah in the final minute after a couple of threes.

Marcus Capers, the team's supposed "lock-down" defender, was defending Utah's Josh Watkins as he made shots from nearly identical spots to tie the game and send it into overtime and win the game with three seconds left in overtime. Capers also took an ill-advised (that really isn't a strong enough term) three-pointer with WSU up two and thirty seconds to play. Capers should never shoot a three under any circumstances, let alone with the game on the line. If he wanted to shoot a three so bad, why didn't he do it all the time Watkins was giving him ten feet of space?

Brock Motum was the lone bright spot for WSU, scoring 27 points. Utah was having trouble defending him, but he didn't see the ball in the last three minutes of OT.

This is worse than the loss to UC Riverside. This is the floor. This is painfully embarrassing.