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What Is WSU Getting In Mike Breske? (Via Cougar Sports Weekly)

Here's a short excerpt from this morning's Cougar Sports Weekly, in which I spend about 1,200 words examining WSU's new defensive coordinator Mike Breske. I spent some time talking with the beat reporter who covers Montana football for the Missoulian to get some first-hand knowledge of Breske's tendencies, as well as dug into some of the advanced statistics from his time as defensive coordinator at Wyoming.

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One thing Neighbor said Breske always relished was the opportunity to draw up a blitz the opponent had never seen before, something he tried to do each week. One of his more creative moves this past year was a cornerback blitz. If that doesn't seem creative, consider this: Montana All-American CB Trumaine Johnson was so good, opponents almost never threw his way. After a month of that, Breske decided to start to use Johnson as a blitzer, figuring teams wouldn't design plays to that side, anyway. The result was a safety against Montana State and another near safety later on.

I also spent some time tearing Ken Bone to shreds for his decision to employ a 2-3 zone for three fourths of the game against Colorado and recapping the weekend for WSU women's basketball. Boooooo heartbreaking basketball losses.

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