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College Football Rankings, Week 8: BlogPoll Top 25 ballot

It's BlogPoll ballot time. A surprise near the top, where a loss didn't hurt South Carolina much.

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My college football rankings for Week 8 are here, and Notre Dame has taken over the top spot after a South Carolina loss at LSU on Saturday. Surprisingly, the Gamecocks didn't drop much, falling to just No. 2 after the loss.

Kansas State switched places with Ohio State, who is starting to feel the effects of playing the bottom of the Big Ten. Texas dropped out after their spanking in Dallas, while Oklahoma rode that margin of victory to a nine-spot jump in the poll.

West Virginia's loss hurt, thanks to whooping Texas Tech put on the Mountaineers. The Red Raiders moved to No. 9, while WVU is down at No. 16.

Louisiana Tech's two-point loss to. Texas A&M actually helped them, as the Aggies gave the Bulldogs a big strength of schedule boost. La. Tech moves up seven spots to No. 17, while aTm jumps three to No. 11.

For a reminder on how these rankings are calculated, go here.

Pac-12 team rankings:

5. Oregon - The Ducks will be forced to fly south this week, after spending the first six weeks in the PNW and not facing a true road game. Where do we sign up for that schedule?

18. Oregon State - Much lower here than in most polls. If they think they are so cool, maybe they should beat teams by more points. Boom.

21. Stanford - Tough loss. Should have had a second chance in overtime, but at least NBC's unbiased crew thought the Irish had made a goal line stand. Can't argue with them, you guys.

24. Arizona State - Can the Sun Devils "shock" the Ducks? What is a Sun Devil anyway? Is that Ra's arch enemy?

29. USC - So, there is no way Matt Barkley still wins the Heisman. The Trojans' defense is the thing keeping them in the Pac-12 race right now.

48. UCLA - The Bruins are a sucky bunch of sucks who have been sucking their way to a 5-2 record. Jut ask their fans.

59. Arizona - Hosting UW and USC in back-to-back weeks. The Wildcats definitely have the talent to put a dent in Husky bowl hopes and ruin the season for the Trojans.

61. Washington - So...about that offense.

72. Utah - Speaking of bad offense.

82. Cal - Two straight wins for the Golden Bears, and they now have three out of the next four at home.

105. WSU - The Cougs are running out of those games deemed "winnable" after another home loss. Football sucks.

120. Colorado - Yep. WSU lost to Colorado. At home.

Full top 25 below. BlogPoll should be out later today.