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College Football Rankings, Week 8: BlogPoll Top 25

Hey, it's the BlogPoll!

They didn't.
They didn't.
Christian Petersen

Didn't want to deprive you all of the BlogPoll results this week. So, they can be found at SB Nation's College Football rankings page. The embed code wasn't working, sadly.

Alabama and Oregon stick at the top spots, as BlogPoll voters disagree with the evilest of evil things, the BCS. The Pac-12 has four members in the poll, with Oregon State checking in at No. 8, USC at No. 12, and Stanford at No. 22.

Biggest drop was the West Virginia Mountaineers, who plummeted to No. 17 after Texas Tech handed them a good old fashioned whooping. The Red Raiders moved into the rankings, one spot behind the Mountaineers at No. 18.

The South Carolina Gamecocks dropped to No. 7 after their loss in Baton Rouge. LSU used that victory to jump four spots into sixth. The SEC is doing a good job of beating each other up so far, as the Ducks smile and nod.

The Cougars weren't ranked and didn't receive any votes. You are shocked, I know.