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Pac-12 SBN Linkage: Huskies hating on Ducks, Pac-12 asking price too high?, Nix Seattle Game

Know how contentious the debates can get Apple Cup week? Seems to be nothing compared to Oregon and Washington. And what's stalling the Pac-12 Network's negotiations with DirecTV?

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It's a Wednesday afternoon which means it's time to take a look around SB Nation and what's going on around the bestest most awesomest conference ever!

I've often heard from many of my Husky fan friends that Oregon is a bigger rival to them than Washington State but I call shenanigans. The venom spewed by Husky and Duck fans is simply astounding which leads me to the belief that the WSU/UW rivalry is healthier. I don't know about the rest of you but 51 weeks a year I sit down with my Husky friends, have a beer, exchange hilarious jokes and we still manage to get along. We just avoid each other Apple Cup week. But even during the one week a year we don't talk, I don't think we get any where close to a post like this one at UW Dawg Pound which is, uh, interesting. Not to worry though, a counter post from the gents at Addicted To Quack assures this game will be just as full of venom as any other.

As those of you with DirecTV surely know, they still haven't come to an agreement with the Pac-12 Networks. It's long been speculated as to the exact amount the Pac-12 is looking for in per subscriber fees. Pacific Takes has a good look at what seems to be a pretty fair offer from the conference. Even though the conference holds on to a lot of it's best content (football and basketball in particular) and there's no doubt the network will be successful, DirecTV still has the upper hand. DirecTV hasn't been afraid to strong arm anyone lately even though the Pac-12's terms are very reasonable. Right now, the Pac-12 Network is almost completely absent from the Southern California market as they haven't worked out deals with major carriers like Charter, AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV amongst others. Perhaps the best strategy the Pac-12 could adopt is locking down deals with other carriers and forcing customers in SoCal to make the decision to leave DirecTV. Money talks and losing loads of customers would make it clear to DirecTV people care about the Pac-12 Network. DirecTV decided to fire back and it looks like both sides are firmly entrenched.

Also from Pacific Takes, Jack Follman writes the Cougars need to stop playing conference games at CenturyLink. We all have our opinions on whether there should even be a "home" game played in Seattle but I'd wager no matter what side of the coin you're on, you'd rather it be an OOC opponent.

Enjoy the links!