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WSU vs. Oregon State: A depressing looks at stats

Take a look at Washington State's all-time win/loss records against Pac-12 teams. Or don't. Might be a good idea to just cover your eyes and run.

William Mancebo - Getty Images

There's a very neat tool that lets you examine all-time head-to-head win/loss records in college football. Plug in two schools, set a date range and you're able to see how schools have matched up historical, or over whatever time period you'd like. It's very cool ... until you start looking at Washington State's records.

For whatever reason, I decided to play around with the tool on Thursday night. I wondered if Washington State's win/loss records were as bad as I suspected, so I ran down the list of Pac-12 teams. The results were, well ... they were depressing.

Arizona: 13-25
Arizona State: 12-24-2
Cal: 25-43-5, but 14-11 at home!
Colorado: 3-5 and 0-3 at "home" (one in Seattle, one in Spokane)
Oregon: 33-44-6
USC: 8-58-4
Stanford: 25-36-1
UCLA: 18-39-1
Utah: 5-6
Washington: 29-59-4

But there is good news! Boy is there good news! Or, I guess, better news than the rest of the all-time win/loss records. Observe:

Oregon State: 46-38-3 (21-15-3 at home, 25-23 on the road)

The only Pac-12 team Washington State has a winning record against is Oregon State. And other than the newbies, it's unlikely Washington State will break into the black against any other Pac-12 team in the near future.

But take that, Oregon State! We own you!