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Kingma suspended indefinitely; Bone says policies changing

Head coach Ken Bone said at Pac-12 media day the transfer from Oregon is suspended indefinitely after being arrested on alcohol and marijuana charges last month.

Jeff Gross

Washington State men's basketball head coach Ken Bone confirmed to Christian Caple at Pac-12 Media Day that freshman guard Brett Kingma has been suspended indefinitely. Kingma was arrested early in the morning of Oct. 20th on charges of minor in consumption and possession of marijuana, less than 40 grams.

Kingma's punishment is much harsher than any other Bone has doled out for one incident in his time as Washington State's head coach. You'll recall senior guard Reggie Moore was already dismissed from the team this school year for a violation of team rules and a WSU recruit was arrested for a minor in possession the same weekend. It's been a tumultuous couple of months for a basketball team already familiar with the law.

Apparently though, things are about to change.

"We’ve had some policies in place that obviously have been good for the university and the athletic department I’m sure," Bone said. "But the policies for men’s basketball are about to change."

I'm not sure those policies have been good for the university or athletic department considering the numerous incidents Bone has dealt with but the most important part of that is obviously that things will be changing. Bone just won't reveal how yet.

"I’ll let you know when I know, but they’re changing," Bone said, adding that he felt the need to alter his policies "in response to two situations that have occurred in the last six weeks."

We'll still have to wait and see if Kingma earns his way back onto the team at some point but Bone said he wasn't sure if Kingma had a future with the team.

EDIT NUSS AND PRESTON: The second quote was corrected to reflect that these two events have happened in the last six weeks and so was the section on wondering what the other incident might have been.