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College football rankings, Week 12: BlogPoll Top 25 ballot still loves Alabama

The Crimson Tide fell to Texas A&M on Saturday, but the spreadsheet couldn't care less as Alabama remains No. 1.

Get out the pitchforks.

The formula keeps Alabama in the top spot of my BlogPoll ballot, and it honestly isn't even close. Since there are just four teams undefeated teams remaining, the Crimson Tide didn't get nearly the hit that they would have earlier in the season from losing a game.

In terms of their win percentage ranking, they fell from first to fifth, and they still have a better strength of schedule than any of the other top contenders. Nos. 2, 3, and 4 are all grouped closely together, but Bama holds a solid advantage. Set things on fire.

The mighty Spartans of San Jose State made a big jump, leaping all the way to No. 18. They have now won eight games. For real.

Go here for an explanation of the formula. Keep reading for Pac-12 power rankings and the ballot.

Pac-12 rankings

3. Oregon - The Ducks keep demolishing everything in their path. They face another test/SOS booster this week when they take on the Stanford Cardinal.

15. Stanford - Big comeback win over Oregon State. All they have to do is win out to reach the Rose Bowl. Winning in Eugene should be no big deal. Teams do it all the time.

17. UCLA - They were outgained by nearly 200 yards against the Cougs and still won. Only Wazzu could hand a team such a gift.

25. USC - The Trojans can still get to the Rose Bowl if they win out in conference. They would likely have to beat Oregon on the road to accomplish that. Winning in Eugene is no big deal, they totally did it last year.

28. Oregon State - The Beavs are damn close to still being undefeated, but they are also damn close to having four or five losses. Such is football.

45. Arizona - Nothing like hosting the Buffaloes to get your season back on track. /weeps in corner

49. Arizona State - Four straight losses for ASU, but good news! They play the streak-bustin' Cougs this week.

53. Washington - Huskies continue to rise as they continue to win. Stupid formula.

96. Cal - Don't worry, everyone gets destroyed by Oregon. It's the cool thing to do.

111. Washington State - Some day we'll all look back at this and laugh. In a mental facility. Because we are all batshit crazy for following this team.

117. Colorado: Pulled the old "score a bunch of points when the game is out of hand to make your fans feel better" trick. WSU football has that patented. The Buffs will be receiving a cease and desist letter soon.