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Pac 12 Odds: Picking against the spread for Week 12

Kyle Sherwood makes his Pac-12 gambling picks for Week 12

William Mancebo

I apologize I do not have an intro story for you this week, as I am running late for my flight to Phoenix. I will make it up to you all next week, and feel free to follow my drunken escapades in Tempe at @BigWoodWSU. You might get to read a tweet from Sun Devil Jail!

WASHINGTON (-20.5) at COLORADO: Colorado has bucked the notion that there is no line too high for them to fail covering, provided they're able to knock the opposing quarterback out of the game. Washington seems to be clicking though, and their streak of beating teams with awful quarterbacks should continue here. Take the Huskies and give the points.

WASHINGTON STATE (+22) at ARIZONA STATE: Does anyone on Earth think there's a chance we DON'T backdoor cover this game? That spread is too big to account for the inevitable last minute touchdown Brett Bartolone will catch to pull WSU within 18. I figured we had a road egg in us this year, and I'm pretty sure we used up about five years' worth in Salt Lake City, so I like WSU's chances to keep this within three touchdowns. Take the Cougs and the points.

USC (-3) at UCLA: USC's drum major is not allowed to run out to the middle of UCLA's field and stab his sword into the grass this year; I have perused the agreement and it says nothing about trombones though (I am using the same rulebook they used in the Air Bud movies when they determined there's nothing that says Dogs can't play rugby.) Look for the Trojans to win big here yet again, and try and find ten people in Pasadena that are upset about it. They live in Pasadena. Every day is the Rose Bowl! Again, take the Trojans.

STANFORD (+20.5) at OREGON: How mad is Oregon that Stanford wasn't starting Kevin Hogan all season? Stanford looks like a completely different team than the one that almost lost to flipping WSU now that they have a quarterback who can actually find an open tight end and hit him in the hands. So now Oregon will probably win this game by two touchdowns, but not get any credit for it because Josh Nunes lost to UW. Take Stanford and the points.

CALIFORNIA (+14) at OREGON STATE: I'm not entirely sure this is the line, because I can't find one to bet on a legitimate site. This is the one that showed up in the Cougcenter Pick ‘Em League, so we'll trust it's somewhere close. Neither team has released who will be starting at Quarterback, but I don't think it matters at Cal. If Cody Vaz starts, take the Beavs; if Sean Mannion starts, take the points.

UTAH (no line) at ARIZONA: There is also no line for this game anywhere. If you are in an establishment that is taking bets for this game, odds are you're getting stabbed by halftime, possibly by the USC drum major's sword.

Last Week: 3-3

Overall: 35-37

Good luck to everyone and may you finish the week with a small fortune, provided you didn't start with a large one.