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WSU vs. Pepperdine: Open game thread and live stream schedule

The Cougs face their first road test as they travel to Malibu.


This will be the only non-televised WSU basketball game all year. Which is pretty neat, compared to other seasons. Even without the television, moving pictures will be available for the Cougs vs. the Waves, as Pepperdine will have a live stream of the game available on their website.

Where is that live stream you say? Why here of course.

The WSU basketball team is off to an impressive start, but both those games were in the friendly confines of Beasley Coliseum. Pepperdine has some comfy surroundings, and their crowd should be lively. Here is a picture of the interior from our own Michael Preston, who is at the game:


Can the Cougs keep their hot start going and stay undefeated ahead of their match-up with Kansas? Is Preston's neck beard going to terrify the children?

Find out that and more in the game thread. Also, no illegal stream links. Why would you need those, silly? I gave you a link just up above!