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Marquess Wilson abuse investigation complete

The investigation is reportedly over, and all that's left is a report.

William Mancebo

The concurrent investigations into allegations of abuse by Marquess Wilson are reportedly complete, and all that's left is a final report on the situation. To recap, Washington State University president Elson S. Floyd asked Bill Moos and the Pac-12 to complete independent investigations of Wilson's claims. In a letter released to the media just hours before last Saturday's game, Wilson alleged physical, mental and emotional abuse, citing those are reasons he left the team.

We've expected the investigation to be short, and Bill Moos said Monday he thought this would be done by the end of the week. He was, of course, correct.

Edit: reading this again, it appears the school's investigation is done. The Pac-12 may still be investigating though

An investigation into allegations of abuse in the middle of the season is a distraction, and it would seem everyone just wanted the thing to be over with. Dragging it out would be the least beneficial things to the student athlete, thus the expedited process.

What did the investigation find, though? That's something we won't know until a report is released. My gut feeling is that we won't know before the game. Dropping the results of the investigation before WSU takes the field is another distraction, and something the Cougars want to avoid, I'd assume. It was odd enough to see the letter released before last Saturday's game and I'd think Moos wants to avoid a similar situation.

However, the speed of the investigation would seem to indicate the school didn't find. Typically, the lengthier an investigation, the worse it gets for the party being investigated. But still, we're in uncharted territory and have no idea what may or may not have been found.

With any luck, this will bring some closure to the situation. Perhaps the report will shed light on specifics, since Wilson's letter was vague. And maybe Mike Leach and Washington State can use this all as a learning experience, to refine teaching tools and approaches.

And once again, we wait.