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WSU vs. Arizona State: Baxter the Pekapoo's beer of the game

The internet's coolest fluffball is going to New York's hippest borough for his pick this week.

Baxter the Pekapoo found a beer that combines all the best things from this time of year.
Baxter the Pekapoo found a beer that combines all the best things from this time of year.

Baxter was in an autumn sort of mood this week. There is a chill in the air in Burlington, VT. Most of the leaves have fell to the ground. The people that take him outside to relieve himself aren't quite as patient as they used to be.

He also sees plenty of pumpkins rotting on doorsteps during his walks around the city. This gave Baxter an idea: How about a pumpkin beer for WSU vs. ASU?

We have been trying pumpkin beers throughout the fall, and many of them just don't turn out very well. Most of the good ones have since ran out, but something in the market caught my eye yesterday.

Sixpoint Brewery's Autumnation. I pulled the package off the shelf to read the product's description and saw it was a combination of a pumpkin beer and a wet hop ale. With an advertised 74 IBUs, I was sold.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Sixpoint is sometimes in the shadow of the more famous "Brooklyn Brewery," but for my money they are making far more innovative and delicious brews. They also have unique packaging, with four-pack cans sold in a square box. I've tried many of their beers before, with their best being Resin, a delicious 103 IBU Imperial IPA.

In poking around their website, I found a great article on how this year's version of Autumnation came to be. Apparently, they put the type of hop up to a vote, and Citra won out. Citra is sort of the hop of the moment, and is used in a lot of different beers.

They also talked a lot about where the hops come from, so as a Yakima native, I was certainly a sucker for that. I encourage you to check out their piece, where they talk about visiting Yakima during the hop harvest festival.

Craig's Review: Wet hop ales are the best, and this one does not disappoint. The aroma is strong and the Citra hops are present. Citra brings a much more powerful flavor than the type of hop we discussed last week, Jade.

The pumpkin/ginger is subtle, but it provides a different sort of feel to this fresh hop variety, and it gives it more of an amber color than a lot of Harvest Ales.

The hops are definitely dominant, and they have that extra resinous kick that comes with freshness. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to finishing the rest of the four-pack, then picking another up soon before the beer is gone.

Baxter's review: I didn't like the smell. Beer smells gross. But I quite enjoyed tasting it. Although, it didn't taste like a pumpkin, I still was asking for more.

The dog and I will also be enjoying some slow cooker chili I made using a variety of ingredients including cumin, coriander, paprika, cocoa powder, sugar, fresh jalapenos, and more. Very delicious.

What will you be having on this penultimate Cougar football Saturday?