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Apple Cup 2012: It's time for Husky jokes

It comes around once every year and it's that time again: for you to tell your favorite Husky jokes.

Ichiro and Robinson share a laugh at a Husky joke.
Ichiro and Robinson share a laugh at a Husky joke.
Rob Carr

Washington State fans have a unique problem not many college football fans have to deal with. The university they attended is in a sparsely populated area of Washington. It means many of the graduates live in a part of the state where their rival school is located and thusly they're around rival fans at all times. This is a problem. Dealing with people who have a Napoleon complex about a national championship they share with the Miami Hurricanes is never easy. It's one of the nice things about living in Southern California. No Husky fans. Well, that and the sunshine and readily accessible warm water beaches.

Besides their inability to hold more than about four Natty Lights in their belly without becoming obnoxious drunks, they can't even pick out colors that go together. Tim Gunn shudders at the thought of making anything with a purple and gold color scheme. Even he can't make it work.

Also, this happened:

Normally, I'd just stop here because, well, you watched it or at least as much as you could stand. But this is Apple Cup week right? I can't stop there. It's my duty to continue.

-You know what the difference between a Husky cheerleader and an elephant? About 20 pounds. But how do you make up the difference? You feed the elephant.

-What's the one thing Husky and Cougar fans have in common? Neither attended the University of Washington.

-You guys hear about the fire that burned all the books for the men's basketball team last year? Man, it was a real tragedy. Tony Wroten Jr. hadn't even gotten a chance to color 15 of them.

-What do you call a good looking girl on Washington's campus? A visitor.

-What's the difference between a woman who attends the University of Washington and the mythical creature Bigfoot? One is covered in hair, smells like a gym locker and speaks in guttural moans. The other has big feet.

-Venoy Overton

That's what I've got. What's your best?