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Pac 12 Odds: Picking Against the Spread for Week 10

Kyle Sherwood makes his gambling picks in the Pac 12 for Week 10

Tony Medina

We're going to talk about conflicting feelings today.

It started last week when I was booking my flight to the Bay Area for the Stanford game and the only thing they had left were middle seats. Nobody wants to see someone 6'4" and 250 lbs lumbering towards your row to sit in the middle, so I cashed some miles to sit in first class. Here's where it gets conflicting: While like most of you good Cougs, my time spent in first class comes very seldom, so taking advantage of the free booze is a critical part of the flight; the problem was the flight was at 6 am. Further egging me on was my braggadocio of knocking back at least four drinks in last week's over/under segment, so even though I was moments away from passing out over a lack of sleep, I had to order a bloody mary.

"Just the mix?" The flight attendant asks me, completely shaming me for daring to order vodka at such an ungodly hour.

After assuring her she heard me correctly, we did this dance every time my glass got empty. In her defense, she did help me knock back my four required for the over. Working against her: she saw me watching The Avengers on my iPad and asked me what movie it was.

So there I was, stepping off a plane in San Francisco Saturday morning victorious from drinking the required amount of airplane bottles, yet by the time I reached the BART station, I realized I'm pretty hammered and it's only 8:00 in the morning. You know how I know I was hammered? This song came on over the PA system and instead of plug my ears, I actually downloaded it onto my iPhone and listened to it the entire train ride to Palo Alto. This has been stuck in my head for a week now, and I'm now bringing you all to my hell with me.

So keeping with the them and looking at this week's lines, I find each game gives me two gut feelings that directly contradict each other. Let's take a look.

WASHINGTON (+4) at CALIFORNIA: Conflicting feelings #1: UW is fantastic against teams with awful quarterbacks, yet are also terrible away from Seattle. That said, is anyone really scared to go play in Berkeley at 6:00 on a Friday? They haven't even shut down the super-collider for the week, yet. Tedford's fighting for his job here, so I think Cal is ready to see some bare-minimum effort to limp to 6-6. Take Cal and give the points.

STANFORD (-27.5) at COLORADO: Conflicting feelings #2: Colorado is super terrible, but so is Josh Nunes. I don't think they're capable of beating anyone by four touchdowns. Take the Buffs and the points.

WASHINGTON STATE (+11) at UTAH: Conflicting feelings #3: WSU played really well on the road and almost upset Stanford last week, yet Utah has been playing very well in SLC this year and seems to be firing on all cylinders after blowing out Cal last week. I think this is an eight point win for the Utes, so take WSU and the points.

OREGON (-8.5) at USC: Conflicting feelings #4: The Pac-12 needs a marquee game this year, and this is the one ESPN is trying really really hard to tell us we need to watch. I feel like every article written about this game I've read this week was actually written in August and little has been done to edit, even though USC is probably going to end the year with four or five losses. The marquee game that pundits are looking for has happened nearly every week this season: It's Oregon vs. whoever the hell Oregon is destroying. Take the Ducks, give the points.

ARIZONA (+3) at UCLA: Conflicting feelings #5: I'm really happy Rich Rodriguez and his crazy offense have moved west to Arizona, but I can't help but be a little sad we never got to see Jim Mora Jr. take the same field as Mike Stoops. The Pac-12 network may have been looking at a solid nine-figure FCC fine to fill up the swear jar adequately. Arizona is clicking and since it's after Halloween, UCLA can start falling apart and looking to basketball season. Take the Wildcats on the road and the points. Take the money line if you can find someone who will give it to you.

ARIZONA STATE (+3.5) at OREGON STATE: Conflicting feelings #6: The team I have been making money from riding all year vs. the team I keep betting against and losing. Worse still, this feels like an ‘OS by a field goal' game, so we're within that margin of error. I'm taking ASU and whatever happens will be the prime example of how my gambling season has been going.

Last week: 2-4

Overall: 28-28

Good luck to you all this week and may you end the weekend with a small fortune, provided you didn't start with a large one.