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Pac-12 Championship: Conference and college football power rankings

The Pac-12 crowns its champion tonight, but our power rankings have someone else as No. 1.

Craig Powers gives his fancy computer FBS rankings for the week.
Craig Powers gives his fancy computer FBS rankings for the week.

I have to admit that I missed the deadline to submit my BlogPoll, so the ballot post won't have the fancy embeddable graphic that it usually does. I also figured it would be timely to have the Pac-12 power rankings on Friday, ahead of the second-annual conference title game. Stanford and UCLA meet for the second-straight week, with game time set for 5 p.m. PT on FOX.

In case you have missed it before, the formula for my rankings can be found here. This week, it appears that the Pac-12 won't have its best team in the conference title game.

Pac-12 power rankings (ranking next to team is overall FBS ranking):

1. Oregon: The Ducks have risen to the top of the national rankings as their strength of schedule has caught up with the rest of the pack down the stretch. It's a shame that they lost after Alabama and Georgia, because that is probably keeping them out of the running. Such is life with human polls being the overwhelming factor in who goes to the title game.

10. Stanford: The Cardinal certainly earned their way to the title game by taking down the conference's other two best teams in consecutive weeks. Even Andrew Luck couldn't win in Eugene. They are a narrow loss at UW, and a controversial OT loss at Notre Dame from being undefeated.

22. UCLA: Did you know that the Bruins are the only team ever to represent the Pac-12 South in the conference championship game? Domination! Fire everyone!

27. Oregon State: If there is any program that crappy teams can look at for hope, it is the Beavs. Nice turnaround from 3-9 last year. Paul Wulff was only a year off when calling them a "damn good football team." Maybe he meant it as a prediction?

39. USC: This ballot never had the Trojans higher than the upper teens. No historical bias here!

41. Arizona State: Nice recovery from a long losing streak to do a little season-saving in the last few weeks. Can't wait for Todd Graham to move to Arkansas.

49. Arizona: Lost to their rival, finished below them in the standings, but still could get a better bowl destination! Jokes on you, Sun Devils.

55. Washington: LOL

73. Utah: The Utes finish one win shy of a bowl game. If they had beaten UW or Arizona in the last three weeks, the conference would have nine bowl eligible teams. Remember when they couldn't fill their bowl agreements? Remember when they could and the Cougs got shutout, despite being bowl eligible, in 2006? Memories are lame.

102. Cal: The conference gets so bad at the bottom. Thankfully, Ohio State is ineligible for the postseason this year. Otherwise, we would have a team that beat the Golden Bears by a touchdown at home playing for the national title. Thanks for saving us, Jim Tressel.

109. Washington State: But hey, the Cougs won the Apple Cup!

118: Colorado: But hey, the Buffs beat the Cougs! (cries in corner)

And just for fun, the complete rankings from 1 to 124 (this is before the Louisville-Cincy game last night):

1. Oregon

2. Notre Dame

3. Alabama

4. Florida

5. Texas A&M

6. Georgia

7. Kansas State

8. Ohio State

9. South Carolina

10. Stanford

11. Nebraska

12. Oklahoma

13. LSU

14. Florida State

15. Clemson

16. Utah State

17. San Jose State

18. Northern Illinois

19. Fresno State

20. Oklahoma State

21. Boise State

22. UCLA

23. Kent State

24. Michigan

25. Central Florida

26. Louisiana Tech

27. Oregon State

28. Northwestern

29. San Diego State

30. Tulsa

31. Texas

32. Penn State

33. North Carolina

34. Vanderbilt

35. Cincinnati

36. BYU

37. Rutgers

38. Mississippi State

39. USC

40. Arkansas State

41. Arizona State

42. Wisconsin

42. Toledo

44. Ball State

45. Louisville

46. TCU

47. Louisiana Monroe

48. Texas Tech

49. Arizona

50. Bowling Green

51. Louisiana Lafayette

52. Michigan State

53. Baylor

54. Syracuse

55. Georgia Tech

55. Washington

57. Middle Tennessee

58. Miami

59. Ohio

60. Iowa State

61. North Carolina State

62. Mississippi

63. Navy

64. Nevada

65. Western Kentucky

66. East Carolina

67. Virginia Tech

68. West Virginia

69. Purdue

70. Missouri

71. Pittsburgh

72. SMU

73. Utah

74. UTSA

75. Tennessee

76. Minnesota

77. Duke

78. Rice

79. Air Force

80. Iowa

81. Troy

82. Arkansas

83. Connecticut

84. Central Michigan

85. Marshall

86. Houston

86. Indiana

88. Western Michigan

89. Virginia

90. Temple

91. North Texas

92. South Florida

93. Wyoming

94. Auburn

95. Maryland

96. Buffalo

97. Wake Forest

98. Colorado State

98. Memphis

100. Miami (OH)

101. Florida International

102. California

103. New Mexico

104. Kentucky

105. Texas State

106. Florida Atlantic

107. UTEP

108. Boston College

109. Washington State

110. Illinois

111. UAB

112. Kansas

113. New Mexico State

114. Army

115. South Alabama

116. Eastern Michigan

117. Hawaii

118. Colorado

119. Akron

120. Tulane

121. UNLV

122. Idaho

123. Southern Mississippi

124. Massachusetts