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Moos says it's 'tough love' not 'brutal punishment'

After a flurry of activity surrounding the suspension of Marquess Wilson this morning, Bill Moos' appearance on Cougar Calls was going to be an interesting one. Here's what Moos had to say about Wilson's suspension.

On his way to Spokane to be on Cougar Calls, Moos says he was on the phone with Marquess' father.

Moos also got right behind his coach when it comes to the tougher treatment players have been receiving this year.

Moos would then go on to tell a tale of a more legendary Cougar packing up his things and leaving and Bob Robertson's old booth partner having to chase him down.

(Ed. Note: the thought of Jim Walden chasing after me is downright frightening) Moos actually admitted he knew this first season would be rocky but didn't talk about it publicly.

Moos didn't have Leach's back entirely though. When asked about some of Leach's post game comments, he noted doing it publicly may not be the best way.

All in all, Moos seems to be 95 percent behind Leach, minus his misgivings with the "empty corpses" comment. On the plus side, Moos mentioned a four star receiver coming to visit this weekend which is encouraging.

Leach will meet with media at 1:00 p.m. today. I can't imagine what they'll talk about.