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College football rankings, Week 11: BlogPoll Top 25 ballot

Filled out my real ballot today. My BlogPoll ballot, and Alabama rules. Now the ballot is really boring.

This week's BlogPoll ballot sees Alabama jump Notre Dame for the top spot, while one-loss Florida jumped undefeated Oregon. The excel spreadsheet is really hating Oregon. Maybe because it was developed near Seattle?

Explanation of the formula here.

Pac-12 rankings

5. Oregon: Scored a bazillion points against USC. Also allowed half a bazillion. Did Chip Kelly and Lane Kiffin get together before the game a decide to make it as anti-SEC as possible? If so, they succeeded.

16. UCLA: Goodness, that was a beat down. How could Chianti Dan let this happen?

17. Stanford: Got their auto-victory over the Buffaloes this week (offer not valid in Pullman, Wash.)

22. Oregon State: Beavers just keep winning (offer not valid in Seattle, Wash.)

33. USC: Three losses for the Trojans. Still have Notre Dame left on the schedule. Not exactly what they had planned.

43. Arizona State: The Sun Devils are going through a tough three-game losing streak just as their in-state rivals did, but they are doing it closer to the end of the season. So it is funnier.

52. Arizona: Ouch.

59. Utah: The Utes are on the rise after two-straight blowout wins at home. They might have broken the Cougars.

64. Washington: The Huskies notched a road win. They might be a dangerous team down the stretch. /vomits

91. Cal: How will Cal football ever go on without Zach Maynard?

112. WSU: Boo.

117. Colorado: The bottom of the Pac-12 is so bad.