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Marquess Wilson abuse investigation: WSU clears Mike Leach

Marquess Wilson quickly recanted his allegations, and the investigation was open-and-shut.

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William Mancebo

Washington State released its findings following an investigation into Marquess Wilson's allegations of abuse, and found the allegations to be unfounded. Though there were small changes implemented during the season with regards to the conditioning program, the review by the school did not find signs of abuse or inappropriate behavior. In total, 12 student athletes, from a variety of different backgrounds and positions, were interviewed and the results were summarized.

A few of the highlights from the report, which was put together by Bill Moos:

"...all 12 players felt that they are having a positive experience at Washington State and feel supported academically and socially, as well as from a football perspective."

"The players stated that they had been challenged as students and athletes, and believe they have grown as a result."

"The players said they believe in the coaches and that they will take the program to a higher level."

"The majority of the players stated that the player that walked out of practice let the team down and put them, their coach and WSU in a negative light. What is not widely known but is of great importance is I received a text message from the departing player following the UCLA football game where he recanted the allegations of abuse made in a letter written by he and a relative and sent to the media earlier that evening."

Additionally, the sand pit had been sprayed to make the sand harder early in the season and players had been sprayed while it was happening. That practice was discontinued midway through the season.

As you can see, the investigation turned out how we expected it to. However, it is surprising that the allegations were recanted almost immediately. This whole time, Wilson had backed off what was in the letter. You can draw your own conclusions, or wait for us to come back with a longer piece.

Again, don't attack Wilson here. It should be pretty clear what happened by now. What's done is done, however, and both Leach and WSU have been cleared by an internal investigation. The Pac-12 should release its findings soon, as well, and they should fall in line with what we've seen here.

UPDATE: Here is the full report for your reading enjoyment.

Moos report on Wilson investigation