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WSU alum syncs Christmas lights display with fight song

Mark Showalter of Richland has what should be considered the greatest Christmas light display ever.

For most people, putting up Christmas lights is viewed more as a chore and it's easy to see why. Struggling with the untangling of lights, finding out a string isn't working because one bulb out of the hundreds is burnt out and then marched outside with the ladder to perch precariously on your roof wondering if you're insurance covers the injury you're certain to sustain from this doesn't have "fun" written all over it. But some people go all out for Christmas with dazzling displays of light that are truly a sight to behold.

Recently, the trend has been creating actual light shows synced to music. The shows have varied from Trans Siberian Orchestra to songs of the Nutcracker and other holiday selections.

Mark Showalter in Richland is a man with the technical know how to put together one of these shows for his home in Richland. In fact, it's a 30 minute, choreographed show. And although many other sections are marvelous, one part stands above the rest. The part where he syncs it up to the WSU Fight Song. It's as amazing as it sounds. You can watch a story on Showalter's home above and the fight song starts at about 1:05.

(H/T to Matt Haugen at WSU News for the story. Read his full story on Showalter's display at the WSU News site.)