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Travis Long named 2012 Kathi Goertzen Coug of the Year

Long garnered the most votes over a day and a half of voting following closely by Steve Gleason.


We've gone from 10 nominees to five finalists and now the people have spoken, naming Travis Long the 2012 Kathi Goertzen Coug of the Year.

Steve Gleason was leading for much of the voting window but a late surge from Long helped him finish above Gleason. Long finished with 153 votes or 48 percent of the total. Gleason came in a very close second with 130 votes or 41 percent of the total. Rounding out those with a podium finish was Dr. Elson S. Floyd who finished with 6%, Keidane McAlpine came in fourth with 2% of the vote and Brock Motum garnered 1% of the total.

It may be cliche to say this but each and every one of the finalists and the original nominees deserved to win this award. They all embodied what it meant to be a Washington State Cougar and would all be worthy of this honor.

Congratulations to Travis Long on winning the inaugural Kathi Goertzen Coug of the Year award.