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Washington State Depth Chart: The Offense

Now that most of the 2012 recruiting class is signed sealed and delivered, it's time to take a look at the current roster. We will start with the offense and get to the defense later tonight. There will likely be at least a couple of changes to this roster between now and kickoff against BYU, but this is how the 2012 roster stands in it's current form.

(RS) = Player used his redshirt season. * = Player is a walk-on.


Seniors: Jeff Tuel

Juniors: David Gilbertson (RS)*

Sophomores: Connor Halliday (RS)

Freshman: Cody Clements (RS), Jesse Brown (RS)*, Austin Apodaca

Scholarships: 4


In theory, this should be a position of strength next season. There will be a lot of talk about a battle for the starting job between Tuel and Halliday, but Halliday needs to fully recover from his injury before we walk down that road. Either way, you have two quarterbacks who have, although in small samples, proven they can have success at the Pac-12 level. Clements will battle Gilbertson for the No. 3 job.

2012 Recruiting Class Impact

I wouldn't say there is a zero percent chance Apodaca plays in 2012, because we've all seen how injury riddled Cougar quarterbacks have been in recent years, but barring three, possibly even four injuries, Apodaca is likely headed for a redshirt season.

Running Back

Seniors: Carl Winston

Juniors: Leon Brooks (RS)*, Theron West

Sophomores: Rickey Galvin (RS), Marcus Mason

Freshman: Teondray Caldwell, Kruger Story (RS)*, Lawrence Tuioti (RS)*, Chandler Jenkins (RS)*, Manuel Lamson (RS)*, Kyle Lappano (RS)*

Scholarships: 5


WSU's three leading rushers from 2011 return. I would expect Galvin to see the most action, but in a rotation with Winston and Mason. I'll get into how the RB's will be used under Leach next week in a post I've been working on.

2012 Recruiting Class Impact

West could make an impact from day one, although it would likely be as a returner and not a running back. Isiah Barton handled kickoff return duties last season, his departure opens a role West has excelled at. I would expect Caldwell to redshirt.

Wide Receiver

Seniors: Gino Simone

Juniors: Marquess Wilson, Bennett Bontemps*

Sophomores: Kristoff Williams (RS), Isiah Myers, Bobby Ratliff (RS), Henry Eaddy, Blair Bomber (RS)

Freshman: Brett McDonald (RS)*, Rahmel Dockery, Dominique Williams (RS), Bryant Coleman (RS)*, Keanu Ruelke (RS)*, Gabriel Marks, Robert Lewis, Alex Jackson, Brett Bartolone

Scholarships: 13


There is a lot of talent in this group, but not a lot of experience. You're about as strong as you could be at the top with Wilson, but other than Ratliff and to a lesser extent Simone, you basically have a huge group of talented but unproven players. The depth chart is very much in flux, with a lot to be settled during fall camp.

2012 Recruiting Class Impact

It's possible all four of these guys will see the field as true freshman. I would almost guarantee at least two of them do. How much they play will still be a question. Typically, true freshman receivers have not played a major role in Leach's offense. It's possible guys like Marks and Jackson will see the field sporadically each getting in the neighborhood of 20 targets. Based on everything I've read, I would say Jackson is most likely to step in right away.

Tight End

Seniors: Andrei Lintz (RS)


Sophomores: Aaron Dunn (RS), Gordy Anderson (RS)*

Freshman: Mansel Simmons (RS), Max Hersey (RS), Dylan Rabinowitz (RS)*

Scholarships: 5


Lintz is the only member of this group to catch a pass in his career. He was effective in a limited role last season catching seven of 11 targets while averaging 8.7 yards per target. Although Leach doesn't feature a tight end much, these guys will be slightly more involved than previous seasons. Roughly three percent of Texas Tech targets went to a TE which would put this group in line for around 20 targets.

2012 Recruiting Class Impact

None, and with Dunn, Simmons and Hersey all with three or four years of eligibility left, I don't know that we will see any tight ends in the 2013 class either.

Offensive Line

Seniors: Wade Jacobson (RS), Dan Spitz (RS), Taylor Meighen, Chas Sampson (RS)*

Juniors: Rico Forbes (RS), John Fullington, Matt Goetz (RS), Niu Sale, Sam Jones, Elliot Bosch (RS)*

Sophomores: Jake Rodgers (RS), Brent Anderson (RS)*, Jeff Waldner (RS)*, Zack Johnson (RS)*, Joe Kaleta (RS)*

Freshman: Eduardo Middleton, Sam Flor, B.J. Salmonson, Pierson Villarrubia, Denzell Dotson, Moritz Christ (RS), Sam Shirley (RS)*, Gunnar Eklund (RS)*

Scholarships: 14


The above list assumes Jacobson asks for and receives a medical redshirt. If he does, he and Fullington would pencil in as starters on the left side from day one of camp. Goetz was solid at times last season so he is probably the current favorite to start at center. The right side of the line is up in the air, Spitz and Rodgers both saw time at RT last season, but it's also possible the new coaching staff will shift some of these guys around from tackle to guard. If I was forced to guess right now, I would say the starting offensive line against BYU would go from left to right: Jacobson-Fullington-Meighen-Goetz-Rodgers but that is purely speculation on my part.

2012 Recruiting Class Impact

Most of the incoming seven offensive linemen will redshirt or possibly even greyshirt. Coming from junior college, Sale would seem to be the most ready to step in and compete, but that isn't always the case. Sam Jones has two years to play two so he will likely see action in some capacity right away. Dotson is already enrolled in classes, meaning he will go through spring ball and it wouldn't shock me to see him in the mix at guard next season.